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Why No iDVD on My New Mac?

Used iDVD on your old Mac or other's Mac computer? Now you've bought a new Mac but nowhere to find iDVD. Why No iDVD on My New Mac?

  • Where is iDVD?
  • Something wrong with my computer?
  • Is it deleted by someone else by mistake?
  • Did my computer hacked by a hacker?

Don't worry. The one who removed the iDVD application is not others. It's Apple. Apple has discontinued iDVD from Mac OS X (starting from 10.7 Lion).

Why? Here is the non-official answer we can think about. Apple has not told us why no iDVD. Apple insists DVD has been replacing by Blu-ray Disc (really?) or online sharing sites like youTube. They think their customers won't use DVD any more.

However, many people are still burning DVDs to watch their movies on TV and distributing DVD for home or business uses. Why Apple eliminate iDVD without informing their customers? People may feel better if they know the truth from Apple why no iDVD any more.

Well, gone is gone. If you want to burn DVDs on Mac, the following 3 iDVD alternatives may be what you want.

#1 iDVD Alternative - Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac.

Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac can burn any videos in any format to DVD disc, without worrying about the video format. It also provides you with basic video editing tools so you can edit your video easily. Also, you can add subtitles to your DVD movie to show on your TV effortlessly. Why no iDVD? No matter what's the reason, here is the easiest solution to burn DVDs on Mac in a few clicks.

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why no idvd

#2 iDVD Alternative - Apple Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is an industry-leading video editing software for Mac. It not only lets you edit video, but burn videos to DVD without iDVD needed, not like iMovie. The only problem is the price - $299.99. If you don't care about money, Final Cut Pro X is what you need to burn DVDs on Mac Lion and Mountain Lion.

#3 iDVD Alternative - Burn

Want a free iDVD substitute? Burn is exactly what you want. It includes the basic features to burn videos to DVD disc on Mac. This free iDVD alternative also allows you to burn VCD and Audio-CD. Get it now to burn DVDs without iDVD.

Why no iDVD on your new Mac? Only Apple knows. You can send a feedback to Apple, but the first thing you need to do is finding your favorite DVD burning software for Mac.

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