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What Happened to iDVD? Can I Get It Back?

You will find out that no iDVD on Lion, Mountain Lion and the latest Mavericks. It's not an error or bug of your Mac system. iDVD is just discontinued officially by Apple. it's gone. Shame on Apple. If you just buy an iMac to burn videos and photos to DVD for playing on TV, you can send back your computer to Apple and tell them - Your product sucks.

We Don't Need DVD Any More, Really?

Nowadays, most people can visit internet with fast broadband. They can upload video to sites like YouTube, Facebook to share with friends and family. Apple also have its own iCloud to upload videos.

But not everyone wants to share things online.

There are many concerns for people to upload video online, for example, the privacy, the safety, the speed, and so on. The DVD is a convenient way to watch video on TV, distribute home movies and back up videos.

Why Apple Discontinue iDVD?

Apple insists DVD is an outdated media. They think their customers won't use DVD any more. Actually, they do provide other means to burn DVD and share home movies. You can buy the expensive Final Cut Pro X ($299.99) application or use iCloud.

However, not all users would accept these. Many people still need to burn DVDs to watch their movies on TV, send DVD home movies to family and relatives. Why Apple gives up those customers? They have no right do that, especially they still put the Share on iDVD option in iMovie and ship a Super drive with every Mac.

But gone is gone. You can still let Apple hear your voice -http://www.apple.com/feedback/idvd.html. But I don't think it will affect Apple's policy.

Can I Get iDVD Back?

Yes, there are methods to get iDVD back, or you can simply find an iDVD alternative.

Install iDVD from boxed version of iLife

Apple doesn't sell iDVD on their app store. The only work around is to buy the boxed iLife which contain iDVD, iWeb, iMovie and iPhone. With it, you can install iDVD and update to the the latest and last version 7.1.2 with Apple downloads here.

Download iDVD Alternative DVD Burning Software

Some people have reported that there are some problems while installing iDVD. Personally, I'll recommend you to find iDVD alternative if you just want to burn videos to DVD and watch on your TV.

Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac is an easy to download and use DVD burning software that works perfectly on Mountain Lion and Lion. Just drag and drop in videos, make some editing and you're done. It's not as powerful as iDVD, but it works.

download idvd alternative   buy idvd alternative Only $49.00

iDVD Download

Now, you know what happened to iDVD? Hope so.

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