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How to Apply and Edit Themes in iDVD

When creating your iDVD, you will choose a Theme for your menus. This will allow you to choose a look for your DVD menus. To do this, have your iDVD project open and click on the pull down menu to the right of the preview screen. This menu should automatically say 7.0 Themes. You can choose to change the series of themes by clicking this dropdown menu, or you can simply click on a theme of your choice from the list below the menu. When you choose a Theme it will be applied to the menu you are currently viewing.

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iDVD Themes 1

To apply themes to all your menus click Advanced > Apply Theme To Project. If you decide to change your theme just click on another Theme in the drawer, just be sure to apply it to your entire project.

iDVD Themes 2

Menus with motion will have a small icon in the bottom right hand corner and a timeline at the bottom of the preview window. The timeline will show you the progress of the menu animation. Each Theme will have a short animated introduction before the menu appears; you can turn the animated introduction off by un-checking the box to the left of the timeline. This will not turn off the motion of the menu. To turn off the motion click and uncheck the Motion option under the View menu.

Edit iDVD Themes

You can customize your DVD’s menu using the Inspector Window. You will find this at the bottom of the display window on the left hand side. Here you can create your own theme or change the settings on a preset theme. The Inspector Window contains the following options:

Customize iDVD Themes

  • Background - To change the image on your background, choose your image, click and drag it over the middle image in the Background section. In this section you can also choose to have the Intro and Outro turned on or off by checking or unchecking the boxes next to them.
  • Buttons - In this section you can choose to snap a button to a grid or have it free positioned by clicking the corresponding dot. You can also change the highlighting color by clicking the color box and then selecting a color from the swatch window that pops up. In order to change the style of a button you must click the Buttons tab on the bottom right of the main display screen. Once there, simply choose the desired style from the pull down menu (text. bullets, shapes etc.). Then select the image you want to use from the image bank directly below the pull down menu.
  • Loop Duration - Here you can change the length of your main menu loop. All you have to do is drag the arrow to the time length you want.
  • Audio - To change the music that is playing on your DVD’s main menu, grab the audio icon present and pull it off of the display screen. This will automatically delete it, making space for a new clip. Now click and drag the sound clip that you wish to replace it with and drop it in the box where the previous sound clip was. You can adjust the volume of the sound clip by movie the arrow on the Menu Volume bar.

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