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How to Set Chapter Markers for iDVD with iMovie

Before creating a DVD, you may want to set Chapter Markers in GarageBand so that iDVD will know how to split your movie into menu chapters. This article shows you how to set chapter markers in iMovie so iDVD can show your movies in the chapters you want.

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To set Chapter Markers, you will need to follow the steps below:

Step 1. With your project open in iMovie, click on the Share Menu at the top of the screen and select Media Browser.

Step 2. A window will pop up with size options. Place a checkmark in the box next to the word Large and then click Publish. Your movie will now be accessible from any program with Media Browser capabilities.

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Step 3. Open the GarageBand application. A window will open with new project options. Click New Project. This will ask you to input your project name and select a save destination. Ignore the Tempo, Signature and Key settings. Click Create.

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Step 4. Once your new GarageBand Project opens up, click the View/Hide Media Browser button on the very bottom right hand side of the display window. Remember, you shared your iMovie project with the Media Browser, so this is where you will find it.

Step 5. When the Media Browser opens, click the Movie button located at the very top right hand. From there make sure the iMovie tab is pulled down and click on your iMovie project.

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Step 6. If you checked more than one box while sharing your iMovie project, multiple sizes of the same movie will appear. Make sure you select the large version of your movie. Click and drag it to the timeline. This will make a new Movie Track appear containing your iMovie project.

Step 7. Now that your movie is officially in GarageBand, you can start to add chapters. First take the play head (an arrow with a line that runs through and along the movie track) and move it to the spot where you would like a new chapter to start.

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Step 8. In order to create the start of a chapter here, you can either hit the “p” key on your keyboard (this is a shortcut from the Edit Menu) or you can click on the Bar that says Movie Track and a window will appear at the bottom of the display window. In this window you can click the button that says Add Marker.

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Step 9. You will now want to name your chapters. Do so by clicking on the bar that says Movie Track and then select a chapter. Click on the current chapter title (probably titled Chapter 1, 2, 3…), and start typing what you would like to name to be.

Step 10. Now it’s time to send your movie with chapters to iDVD. Go to the Share Menu at the top of the screen and click Send Movie to iDVD. This will automatically launch iDVD and open your project. You can proceed to use iDVD using this guide as needed.

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