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How to Add More Media to an iDVD Project

Sometimes you may want to put picture slideshows, or multiple iMovie projects onto one DVD, adding new media to your menus can do this. There are 3 ways to insert additional media:

  • Click and drag your completed file(s) into the preview window.
  • Click the Add a submenu, movie, or slideshow button, this will add another menu in which you can add files, folders, and slideshows.
  • Click the Project Menu at the top of the screen and select Add Submenu, Add Movie, or Add Slideshow. Here you can also choose to add text or a Title Menu button. A text box will pop up on your main menu and you can type anything you want into it and then move it anywhere on your main menu that you would like.

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To view the files and folders you have added to this iDVD project, click the DVD Map button located at the bottom center of the display window.


To add files to a Slideshow, double-click the square in your DVD map with your slideshow. This will open your slideshow and options on the preview screen. Here you can add images, and customize many Slideshow options, including but not limited to:

iDVD Media

  • Adding Images – To add images to your slideshow, simply click and grab your image file and drag it to the preview window where it says Drag images here.
  • Slide duration - This option will allow you to choose how long your slide will be on the screen. You can choose from 1-10 seconds or Fit to Audio. If you wish to have an Audio track play while you view your slides the Fit to Audio option will make your slides fill the duration of the song equally.
  • Transitions - This option will add a selected transition to all your images.
  • Audio tracks - Add an audio clip to your Slideshow. Just drag and drop an audio file to the image next to the Slideshow volume bar.
  • Settings – To view and modify additional settings, click the image that says Settings under it. A new window will pop up. Here you can check and uncheck the boxes as desired.

iDVD settings

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