Download iLife '11 to Get iDVD Application

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How to Download iLife '11 to Get iDVD Application

Let me guess. You know iDVD is a DVD burning app for Mac. But when you buy a new Mac, you didn't find it. Where is iDVD? You also know iDVD is part of iLife '11 package. So if you can download iLife '11, you'll get iDVD. Right?

Yes, you're a clever computer user! But you'll have trouble downloading iLife '11 iDVD. The iLife package contains 7 iDVD discs and each is as large as 4.7 GB. Who will share such large files and how can you download to your computer? Only iDVD torrent is possible. You can now just install a torrent client software like uTorrent and try your luck.

However, I don't think you will succeed, or it will take a very long time to finish iDVD downloads. If you're finding a simple solution to put your movie on the big screen TV, why not get an iDVD alternative like Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac? By download this iDVD alternative, you can instantly make movies from video and audio and watch DVD movies on your TV in a few minutes.

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Is There Other Ways to Download iLife '11 iDVD?

It's practically impossible to download iLife iDVD free online. But if you only want iDVD, there is a final plan. Although Apple doesn't provide iDVD on its Mac operating system and its App Store, there are resellers who are still selling iLife '11 and iLife '09. Buy an iLife package, you'll get the iLife disc and you can then download iDVD to your Mac, or directly install iDVD from the iLife disc.

Here iLife '09 is recommended. Why? iLife '11 doesn't include the iDVD themes for iDVD 1-4. It just provides iDVD themes for iDVD 5-7.

ilife 09

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