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Download iDVD for Mavericks Alternative - The Latest Mac OS X 10.9

You have upgraded to the latest Mavericks OS, but found it unable to use iDVD with Maverick? Well, it's no wonder. iDVD isn't shipped with Mac OS X since 10.7 Lion. So it's hard to get iDVD for any new Mac from then on, unless you've installed iDVD before upgrading to Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks. In those cases, you can still use iDVD with limited support - The Share menu of iMovie or other video editing software won't work. You have to export video to MOV files then import to iDVD manually.

There won't be any iDVD update for Mavericks in the future. It's officially discontinued. If you want to stick to the obsolete iDVD, you can buy iLife package on Amazon and install iDVD and the last updates. But why don't you get the latest DVD burning software compatible with your newly upgraded Mavericks? It deserves. Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac is one of the best iDVD for Mavericks alternative on the market. It allows you to make good-looking DVD movies and burn to DVD for playing on TV without any hassle. Get a free trial now.

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How to Download iDVD Mavericks Alternative and Burn DVDs with Ease

After download iDVD Mavericks replacement and set it up on your Mac, run it from the installation folder (usually Applications) and follow the instructions below to burn DVDs on Mavericks.

Step 1: Import video files into the program

Different from iDVD that is perfectly integrated into your Mac, a regular DVD burning software for Mac requires you to export your movie to video files. And then import them for burning to DVD. For Wondershare DVD Creator, you can click the Plus button to open a dialog to choose video files from your Mac. When video files are imported, drag and drop items to arrange the order.

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Step 2: Edit video before burning DVD on Mavericks (Optional)

With this iDVD for Mavericks alternative, you can still edit your video if necessary. To edit your video, select it from the list and click the Edit button. In the video editing window, it's easy to crop, trim, rotate video, add watermark, and so on.

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Step 3: Burn DVDs on Mac with iDVD for Mavericks Alternative

Before burning DVD on Mavericks with Wondershare DVD Creator, you can edit the Volume Label, DVD Type, etc. When done, click the Burn button to start burning your movie to the inserted DVD disc.

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Free Download iDVD Mavericks Alternative Now

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